Digital Sales & Marketing Programs

  • Stratus Digital Music Specialists pitch the various DSP’s” (Digital Sales Partners) and online music websites your song or album for placement on the various high-traffic  websites. Digital placement (or digital advertising) can account for up to a 150% boost in digital revenue when featured and promoted on the high-traffic music sites ( i.e iTunes, Yahoo Music etc.)
  • Month-Long Programs that spotlight your act on highly trafficked areas on numerous dsp’s. Theese program includes the following weekly features: Exclusive streaming of album tracks, artist interviews, and celebrity playlists.
  • Podcasts– Our digital music specialists can set-up artist interviews for you on the editoral pages of our varius digital sales partners.
  • Online Interviews and Video Premieres– Our team works with  online media portals such as, Black Planet, AOL Black Voices to create interviews, contests, and streaming opportunities to showcase your music. We work with the most popular music sites such Yahoo! and AOL Music for execution of video premieres and promotional features for your videos.
  • Online Listening Parties– Our team can create online listening parties on high traffic music sites that incorporate fan blogs, album audio streaming, and embedded music links.
  • Social Network Website Marketing– Our team has the ability to execute targeted blog dialogue on social networking platforms, interactive blogging, and posting of embedded links on the social networking sites.
  • Celebrity Playlists– Our team can create a celebrity playlist that is featured for one week on the homepage of various digital music carriers.
  • Song Of The Week– We can create an opportunity for your music to be previewed and downloaded by over 200,000 customers for the duration of one week.
  • Live Performances– Our team can pitch the opportunity for you to record a live performance which can be sold exclusively to the subscriber base of one of our many digital sales partners.
  • Digital “Best Of “– Our team can create a digital compilation of your various works (minimum of two albums) that will be prominently featured on a number of digital sales partner’s websites.
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